राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१८ - मराठी व इंग्रजी


Choose the correct sentence :

(a) Leap years that have 366 days contain an extra day in February.

(b) Leap years, which have 366 days, contain an extra day in February

Answer options :


Give antonym of the following words:

Convex, famous, Kernel 


Change the following simple sentence into compound sentence.
Climbing up the tree, he plucked some mangoes.

(a) He climbed up the tree and plucked some mangoes.

(b) He climbed up the tree to plucked some mangoes.

Answer options :


Identify the incorrect meaning of the following word:



Their shops are a by word for good value. Identify the correct meaning of the underlined
word in the given context :


Choose the words having meaning opposite to that of INTREPID :
(a) Pusillanimous

(b) Timorous

(c) Timid

(d) Undaunted

Answer options : 


Identify the correct sentence/s :

(a) The Machine Gunners was one of Robert Westall's most successful books.

(b) Among the people invited was the mayor.

(c) They have been playing since four O'clock.

Answer options :


India stands for peace.

That should be known to everybody.

Change the above sentences into complex sentence :

(a) India stands for peace should be known to everybody.

(b) It should be known to everybody that India stands for peace.

Answer options : 


Fill in the blanks :

(a) I'm _______ a film tonight.
(b) I'll be ______ all day on Sunday.

(c) I'm _______ ask him to return my money.
Answer options :


Fill in the blanks :

(a) If you _______ hard, you would get a first class.
(b) If you _______ two packets of detergent, you'll get a third packet free.
(c) If you ________ me, I would have lent you some money.
Answer options :


Give synonym of the following words.
Obstinate, Slander, Thrifty


Change the following sentence into passive voice :

We saw them go out. 


Spot/identify the errors in the following sentence. I

was laying down when the phone bell rang.

(a) Rang
(b) Laying

(c) When

Answer options :


Identify the correct sentence.

(a) I was sure that I had met him before.

(b) On my last visit to Wixton I found that the village didn't change much.

(c) She admitted that she has stolen the watch.

Answer options :


Match the following:


Choose the words having similar meanings :



Answer options :


Identify the correct sentence/s :

(a) The scissors are blunt.

(b) Statistics was always my worst subject.

(c) The economics behind their policies are unreasonable.

(d) The governing party usually do bad in mid term by-elections.

Answer options :


Fill in the blanks.

(a) His excuses,_______ were not convincing, angered his sister.
(b) I made the dress I intend ________.

(c) The organisers invited entries _________ did not exceed 1000 words.
Answer options :


Match the following:


Identify the correct sentence from the following sentences.

(a) Is there enough cake for everyone ?

(b) I have enough had of your excuses.

(c) I don't think he is really experienced enough for this sort of job.

(d) I hope my instructions are clear enough.

Answer options : 

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