राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१७ GS-1


___ is India's First National Laboratory.


Match the following: 


'Jatiya Sarkar came into existance on 17th December 1942 at __ _ in Midnapur district of Bengal. 


Vasukaka Joshi and his collaborators could go to to acquire the knowledge of bomb manufacturing only through the good office of the King of Nepal.


Taking note of the loss of job of 228 girls from the Telephone Department of Mumbai, when a new machine was introduced, who from the following wrote in Socialist ? 'In Capitalist system the capitalists are using science and technology for their benefit ...... the new machine is a big problem faced by labour movements'.


Who is described in the following sentences ?

(a) He was a Naga tribal.

(b) In 1960s he was the first Tried to seek the help of China.

(c) He had stayed four years in Yunnan.

(d) He was trained by People's Liberation Army.

(e) He was deeply impressed by the Cultural Revolution in China.

Answer options :


The Second Annual Examination of the Native Female Schools in Poona was held on 12th February 1853. Who from the following was not present at that time at the place of the examination ?


Who wrote the articles 'Marath Mola' and 'Marathmolyanchi Puravani' ?


Which of the following religious reformist organizations influenced Shahu Maharaj most ?


Shri N.M. Joshi was President of  _______.


In 1953, after the death of began the era of friendship between India and Soviet Union.


Match the following: 


Which of the following novels was not written by Annabhau Sathe ?


Aryabandhav Samaj was at ______


India played a major role in negotiating the Vietnamese withdrawal from ______


Who wrote the booklet "Sukhadayak Rajyaprakarani Nibandha' ?


Who from the following was not hanged for Jackson's murder ?


Whose description is given in the following statements ?

(a) Vallabhbhai Patel had put forward his name for the Presidentship of Indian National Congress

(b) He was a Congressman from United Province.

(c) He and Jawaharlala Nehru were personal friend.

Answer options :


Who from the following leaders had formed the Six-Nation Five Continent Initiative ?


When Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister in 1966, she felt that relations with the US and the West needed to be improved. What were the reasons for the improvement according to her ?

(a) US had better idea of Chinese Militancy.

(b) US had promised help if China attacked again.

(c) There was grove food shortage caused by excessive rainfall.

(d) The Critical economic situation caused by the cumulative effect of two wars in 1962 and 1965 necessited such help.

Answer options :

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