राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१७ GS-1


_____ worked for prevention of the Devadasi system with Vitthal Ramaji Shinde


_____ was the First Marathi Play of Modern Times.


Which of the following states was annexed by the British under the pretext of misgovernance ?


'Batmi Sadan', the first school for the Visually Challenged was started by:


About whom are the following sentences written? At the age of twenty he became M.A. He went to England to become a barrister. Lord Curzon was his colleague in Oxford University


The was started in 1920s against the Courrupt Mahantas of Gurudwaras.


Match the following persons who were sent to Andaman in 1858 with their places of residence : 


Who from the following purchased a printing press for Satya Shodhak Samaj, by Spending 1200 rupees ?


In 1907 which of the following flags was hoisted by Smt. Madam Cama at World Communist Summit?


The Marathi Play 'Kichakvadh' was banned by the British Government. To whom did Kichak represent in this play?


What were the Bal Samaj, the Bandhav Samaj and the Samartha Shivaji Samaj ?


Match the following:  


Who from the following persons were associated with the Hindu Maha Sabha ?

(a) U.N. Mukerji

(b) Lal Chand

(c) Maharaja of Kasim Bazar

(d) A. Bhimji 

Answer options :


______ and M.A. Jinnah tried to bring political unity between the Congress and the Muslim League by Signing the Lucknow Pact.


Pick out the odd person from the following:


Who from the following ladies did visit the victims at Chimur (1992) ?

(a) Dr. (Mrs.) Valazkar 

(b) Virmala Abhyankar

(c) Ramabai Tambe

(d) Devaskar

Answer options :


In East Godavari District, Madras, a group of women gathered to meet and listen to gandhi _______, a woman attending jumped into the ' freedom struggle'.


Who from the following established a Young Theists Union' in 1905 ?


'Rani Jhansi' regiment had got the opportunity to go on the war front at _____


Which of the following statement/statements about the Boundry Commission Award is/are true ?

(a) Report of the Boundry Commission Award was ready by 12th August 1947.

(b) Mountbatten decided to make it public after Independence Day, so that the responsibility would not fall on the British.

Answer options :

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