PSI Pre 2012

PSI Pre 2012 Questions And Answers:

आपल्या मित्रांना पाठवा :

If Rain covers 100 steps, at the rate of 25 steps per minute, 200 steps at 50 steps per 30 seconds and 200 steps at 1000 steps per half an hour and if his every step measures a meter how much time would he take to cover half a kilometer?


A person borrowed a loan of Rs. 2,000 and paid back in 4 instalments. Each instalment is more than the previous instalment by 50 Rs. then what is the amount of first instalment he paid ?


The sum of 7 times and 4 times of a given number is 66 then, what is the result if the second figure is subtracted (instead of adding) from the first ?


0.004 x 0.5 = ?


In a class, the average age of 40 students is 10. If teacher's age is added to student's | age, then the average becomes 11. What is the age of the teacher ?


Two angles of a triangle are 62.6° and 56.7° then what is the third angle of the triangle ?


The number 80 is divided into four so that if 3 is added to the first, 3 is subtracted from the second, the third is multiplied by 3 and the fourth is divided by 3 all give the same value. The lowest number is 5, what is the highest number?


A straight highway leads to the base of a 50 meter tall tower. From the top of the tower, if the angles of depression of two cars on the road are 30" and 60°, then the distance between the two cars is __________ m.


Which of the following numbers is a perfect square ?


In the given equations if the signs + and + as well as numbers 2 and 4 are interchanged, then which of the following equations would be correct?


In which of the following alternatives the numbers are in the descending order ?


Find the value of m in the equation 



A social service group bought 43.7 kg. of rice at Rs. 12 per kg and distributed it equally among 152 poor people. What is the cost of the rice that each person got?


A stack of 280 question papers has 3.6 cms thickness. How much thick would the stack be of 630 question papers ?


If 484 x144 = 69696, then 


Jatin saved Rs. 1,570. Savita saved Rs. 1,936 more than Jatin. How much did they save all together?


If a number is multiplied by 8 and to the multiplication 99 is added, the answer is 171. What is the original number?


Santosh bought 50 Samosas at the rate of Rs. 2.75 per Samosa. Instead had be brought sweets at the rate of 68.75 Rs. per kg. How much of sweets could he have bought ?


How much of atmosphere is formed of Nitrogen?

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PSI Pre 2012 Question And Answers

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