PSI Main 2016 - Paper 1



Identify the correct sentence :

(a) We have adopted the hotels to suit their needs. 

(b) The people adopted him as their Patron Saint 

(c) He has adapted well to his new home. 

Answer options : 


Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

(a) His attack on her honesty offends against the of good taste.

(b) The exhibition displayed a 15th century 

Answer options :


What is the adjective form of the word balcony ? 


The workers demand exhorbitant pay scales.

Identify the correct meaning of the underlined.


Spot the error(s) in the above sentence. If no error say No error,

Answer options : 


Choose the correct question:


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. 

(a) Even the most ___________ doctors could not cure him.
(b) There is a storm ___________ 

Answer Options :


Match the following: 


Select the correct sentence/s: 

(a) A committee was set up to look at the problem.

(b) She kept on crying in spite of my assurance of help.

(c) We must look upon social eviis as nuisane

(d) His parents looked over with a triumphant smile. 

Answer options : 


Select the correct adverbial clause: They started at his departure. 

(a) They started when he departed.

(b) They started after his departure.

(c) They started before he departs.

(d) They started before he departed.

Answer Options : 


I will teach you a lesson 

Identify the meaning of the modal underlined.


Match the following: 


Identify the error in the following sentence choosing the correct alternative. If there is no error say so.  

Answer options :


Which one of the following explains the phrase :
"One who is a great lover of books" ?


Choose the alternative that would complete the expression in capital letters in the following sentence : 

The publicity caused by his connection with gangsters was the COUP DE _______ of his election campaign. 


Match the following:


Identify the incorrect part of the sentence below : 

He hopes that he hasn't makes a mistake.


Identify the correct sentence: 

(a) She denied that she had gone to the movie last night.

(b) She refused that she had gone to the movie last night.

(c) She refused to return the money I lent her yesterday.

(d) She denied to return the money I lent her yesterday. 

Answer options :


She was not a woman to make idle threats.

Identify the correct meaning of the word in the given context : 

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