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Which of the following languages is not a recognised language of India ?


Which of the following statements is incorrect?


Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

a. Ordinarily the first hour of the Vidhan Sabha is assigned for Question-Answer Session.

b. During the Question-Answer Session in the Vidhan Sabha, any department can be asked a question on any working day.


Which of the following two statements is correct? 

a. Dr. P.C. Alexander had the longest tenure as the Governor of Maharashtra so far, which was about 10 years.

b. Shri Sharadchandra Pawar has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for the longest period so far. His period was also about 10 years.


Who has not been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, more than once for different periods ?


In which jail, did the British keep Vasudeo Balwant Phadke ?


Which of the following institutions were established by Dadabhai Naoroji ? 

a. Gyan Prasarak Mandali

b. Bombay Association 

c. London Indian Association

d. East India Association


Lord Dalhousie planned to construct the network of Railways in India in order to

a. Easily procure raw materials from the interiors of India for export.

b. Provide a profitable channel of investment for British capital.

c. Provide cheap and easy means of transport in India.


Why did Sir Allan Hume try to establish the Indian National Congress? 

a. He was a liberal.

b. He had a concern for the Indians.

c. He wanted that Indians should be treated with respect. 

d. He wanted participation of the Indians in administration.

Which of the above statements are correct? 


The British policy to grant independence to India changed because of the 

a. Change in the Government in Britain. 

b. Rising tide of nationalism in India.

c. Impact of Second World War.


'Paramhansa Mandali', founded in Maharashtra in 1849, focussed on which of the following reforms ? 

a. Breaking caste-rules

b. Widow remarriage

c. Education of women 

d. Abolition of idol worship


Which incidents prepared the background for passing of the Government of India Act, 1935 ? 

a. Muddiman Committee and its report

b. Simon Commission 

c. Nehru Report 

d. 14 points of Barrister Jinnah 

Which of the above statements are correct ?


In his presidential address at the 1906 Calcutta Session of the Indian National Congress, Dadabhai Naoroji openly used the term 'Swaraj' and at this session 

a. Vande Mataram' was sung for the first time as the national song.

b. The demand for total independence was passed.

c. Moderate path was accepted.

d. Barrister Jinnah participated in the activities of the Indian National Congress.

Which of the above statements are incorrect ?


Choose the inappropriate pair.


Who demanded jobs for the untouchables in 'Army and Police in the Saswad Conference? 

a. Shivram Janba Kamble

b. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

c. Adv. B.C. Kamble

d. Gopalbuva Valengkar 


The Brahmo Samaj split into two in 1866 because of the radical reforms pursued by a group. These two groups were 

a. Devendranath Tagore's Brahmo Samaj of India. 

b. Keshavchandra Şen's Adi Brahmo Samaj.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


The cultivation of which crop was not encouraged in India by the British under their rule 


What were the factors contributing to the foundation of the Indian National Congress ?

a. Role of Western Education and the beginning of national consciousness.

b. Reduction in the age for the Indian Civil Services examination from 21 years to 19 years.

c. The popular measures of Lord Lytton


Which socio-religious movements were not founded in Bombay ?


'Shripati Sheshadri Episode' was associated with a social reformer. Name the social reformer.

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