राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१९ - Paper 1


An astronaut in the satellite feels weightlessness because _________ 

a. the force exerted by the satellite floor on the astronaut is equal to zero.

b. the astronaut and the satellite floor are attracted towards each other.

c. he is not attracted by any gravitational force.

d. None of the above

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In electronic communication system, digital signals

a. do not provide a continuous set of values.

b. represent values as discrete steps.

c. utilize binary system.

d. utilize decimal as well as binary systems.

Which of the above statements are true ?

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Energy of the electron revolving around the nucleus in second orbit is - 3.4 eV. What is its energy in third orbit ?


Optical fibre is based on which of the following principles ?

a. Principle of reflection of light

b. Principle of refraction of light

c. Principle of total internal reflection

d. Principle of dispersion of light

Answer 0ptions:


Consider the following statements :

a. Beta particles are negatively charged and are more penetrating than Alpha | particles, which are positively charged.

b. Gamma particles are neutral and are more penetrating than Beta-particles.

c. In general neutral particles can be said to be having very high penetrating power.

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During inelastic collision between two bodies, which of the following quantities always remains conserved ?


Name the transgenic crop in which three genes for synthesis of vitamin A are introduced through the technique of genetic engineering.


How many linkage groups are present in the female and male grasshopper insect ?


Name the plant having H.S.K. or C4 pathway of photosynthesis.


Chemosynthetic bacteria obtain energy by oxidizing _________ chemical compounds.


In the nephron of man, what is the correct sequence of urine formation ?


Which of the following situations will be fatal to second foetus ?


Match the following :



Consider the following statements about sliding filament theory of muscle contraction :

a. This theory explains the modern concept of muscle contraction.

b. This theory was put forward by Huxley and Niedergerke.

Which of the above statements is/are true ?

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During calcination process


By green chemistry, we mean


Which of the following is not a Lewis acid ? 


The following are some of the properties of the colloidal sols :

a. Tyndall effect
b. Brownian motion

c. Maxwell distribution
d. van der Waals forces

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Which of the following statements are correct?

a. HF and H2O are polar molecules.

b. CH4 and CO2 are non-polar molecules.

c. COand SO2 are non-polar molecules.

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Which of the following reactants can be used to prepare ammonia ?

a. NH4Cl + Ca(OH)2

b. N2 + H2

c. CaCN2 + H2O

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