राज्यसेवा पूर्व परीक्षा २०१७ - Paper 1


The point of origin of an earthquake is known as


Bora winds blow in ______ region


The process of conversion of water vapour into ice is known as


Match the following: 


Match the following : 


Match the following : 


Which of the following charactestics is/are not applicable to CBD? 

a. High percentage of offices and shops

b. High accesibility

c. Growth is upward rather than sideward

d. Residential area


Identify the correct sequence of the seas on the basis of increasing salinity.


Consider the following statements :

a. La Nino is a little girl.

b. During the time of La Nino cold water in the ocean rises to the surface.

c. La Nino strengthens the Indian monsoon.

d. During the time of El Nino, trade winds weaken and warm water moves east in the ocean.

Which of the above statements is/are correct? 


In the given diagram, the shaded area shows the spatial-spread of a climatic region according to Trewartha. Identify the region.


Match the following: 


As per the Recycled Plastic Manufacture and Usage Rule 1991, what should be thickness of carry bags ? 


Which of the following States of India is on the way to becoming the first carbon free State? 


Which of the following mountains are considered as one of the top biodiversity hot spots ?


Ozone hole was detected in which of the following years? 


The strategy of planning adopted in India in the earlier period had which of the following three aspects ?

a. Developing sound base for initiating the process of long-term growth b.

b. A high priority to industrialization when actual development began

c. Emphasis on development of capital goods industries

d. Emphasis on development of consumer goods industries 


The Annual Plan describes as 'Plan holiday' were implemented during


The household is vulnerable to become multi-dimensionally poor if the household Desprivation Index score is 

a. greater than 20% but less than 33.3%

b. greater than 33.3% but less than 50%

c. greater than 25% but less than 50%


LPG stands for


The Twelfth Five Year Plan emphasises the following dimensions of inclusiveness :

a. Inclusiveness as poverty reduction

b. Inclusion as group equality

c. Inclusiveness as regional balance

d. Focus on income inequality

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