राज्यसेवा मुख्य परीक्षा २०१६ GS-2


Which are the following statements regarding "Gross Enrolment Ratio" for higher education in India are correct? 

(a) "Gross Enrolment Ratio" for higher education in India is 12.4%.

(b) "Gross Enrolment Ratio” range between 10 to 33.7% in different state of the country.

(c) "The Gross Enrolment Ratio" for higher education varies among the different religious of the country

(d) "The Gross Enrolment Ratio" for higher education in India is the highest of the

Answer options :


Which one of the following points is irrelevant with regard to "Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan" ? 

(a) A programme for universal elementary education.

(b) A barrier in the way of promoting social justice through basic education.

(c) A partnership between central, state and local government.

(d) A response to the demand for quality based education all over the country.

Answer options :


Consider the following statements :

(a) The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is not a member of the house. 

(b) The Deputy-Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is elected by the members of Rajya Sabha

(c) The proposal to remove the Vice President is initiated only in the Rajya Sabha.

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct?


Consider the following statements about N.T. Ramarao. 

(a) He was a famous super-star of Telgu film industries. 

(b) He was a founder of Telgu Desam Party. 

(c) He was a Chief-Minister of Andhra Pradesh. 

(d) Governor Ramlal got the promotion.

Answer options :


Consider the following statements : 

(a) The Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission was established on 6th March 2001. 

(b) The Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission consist of a Chairperson and four members. 

(c) Justice Vijay Chitnis was the First Chairman of the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission. 

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct ?


Consider the following statements regarding with the Attorney General of India :

(a) There is no age limit for his appointment,

(b) He shall have right of audience in all the Courts in India.

(c) The term of his office is fixed by the Constitution of India.

Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct? 


After independance following Commission were setup to examine the all over secondary education .

(a) Hunter Commission

(b) Sapru Committee 

(c) Mudliyar Commission 

(d) Kothari Commission 

Answer options :


Who of the following were the two additional members appointed on the Election Commission of India after declaring is a three-member commission in 1993 during the regime of T.N. Sheshan as a Chief Commissioner. 

(a) M.S. Gil

(b) J.M. Lyngdoh 

(c) D.V.G. Krishnamurti 

(d) V.S. Sampath 

Answer options : 


“Rather than offering a chance to a corrupt and inefficient government of a particular party, the option of a coalition government of several is better". 

(a) Good governance and balanced financial management. 

(b) Political stability.

(c) It is more accountable and transparent.

(d) It is more democratic and federal.

Answer options :


The completed face of the Indian election was changed by the strict implementation of the following rules of code of conduct:   

(a) Ban on putting posters on walls and painting the walls. 

(b) Ban on pre election opinion poll and exit poll. 

(c) The use of loud speakers mounted on vehicles during poll campaigns prohibited. 

(d) Use of Government mechinery and vehicles for campaigns is prohibited.

Answer options :


Which of the following organization agitated to pressurise the Maharashtra Government to put ban on a controversial book entitled 'Shivaji-Hindu king in Islamic India" published by James Laines ?   

(a) Sambhaji Brigade 

(b) Bajrang Dal 

(c) Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena

(d) Vishwa Hindu Parishad 

Answer options :


What were the aims and objectives in National Policy of Women's Education from 1988-2000 ? 

(a) To stop the dropping of Girl students of 6 to 14 years age from school. 

(b) To give the equal opportunities in quality education to Women's in relation to Man. 

(c) To compel the women in participation of educational programme. 

(d) To Eradicate traditional male, female discrimination in Educational Process. 

Answer options :


One of the Indian National Party 'a Bhartiya Janata Party' which has Govern India 13th months in 1998 has got following seats.


Regional political parties are represent at the following groups:


Middle School Education Commission (Mudliyar Commission) suggested following middle school reforms :

(a) Three years middle school education and four years higher middle school education.

(b) Mother language or regional language should be medium of teaching.

(c) Three years degree course.

(d) Establish Higher Education Board in each state.

Answer options :


By which article in Indian Constitution the Election Commission was created ?


By which section of Indian Constitution gives Free and Compulsory Education to Boys and Girls ?


Even after completing higher education, when youth find that their minimum expectations are also not fulfilled, they become disappointed what is the reason behind this disappointment harmful to nation.

(a) Autonomy of University. 

(b) Opendoor policy about admission in higher education.

(c) Due to the imbalance between the number of higher education taking students and the requirement of manpower in different field.

(d) The medium of University Education.

Answer options :


'Darpan' a print media is not related to which of the following facts ? 

(a) The first newspaper published in Indian Languages. 

(b) Raja Ram Mohan Roy started this newspaper. 

(c) Bal Shastri Jambhekar started this newspaper. 

(d) The first Marathi newspaper in India. 

Answer options : 


What should be given to society by Newspaper in 21st century 'American Commission' noted following important points : 

(a) To establish committee for discussing criticism and suggestion.

(b) To explain truth, intelligence, description in a particular whole day in that Newspaper.

(c) Presentation and explanation of societies aims and values

(d) To clear the picture of citizen's group in a representative manner. 

Answer options :

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