PSI Main 2013 - Paper 1


Substitute the underlined word with a suitable synonym from the options given below : 

He stood in the vestibule of the hotel. 


He is deeply in love with her. 

Substitute the underlined word with a phrase nearest in meaning:


The floods have caused__________ harm. 

Choose the right antonym of the word "calculable for filling the blank:


a. They organized a buffet dinner for the wedding reception.

b. The waves buffet the rocks with great force.

The underlined words respectively rhyme with:


a. I have no further consult with my father's firm.

b. I have no further consult to my father's firm. 

c. I have no further concern with my father's firm.

d. I have no further concern to my father's firm.

The grammatically correct sentences are


a. The documents are in her possession.

b. Only repeatation will given you practice.

c. His emoluments have been raised.

d. The war of succession continues.

The underlined words in the above sentences are correctly spelt in:


a. If you will work hard, you will certainly succeed.

b. If you would have worked hard, you would have succeeded.

c. If you saw him you would recognize him.
d.Had you seen him, you would have recognized him?

Which of the above sentences are grammatically correct?


"Eek! There's a fly in the soup. Waiter !" screamed Sarita.

Put into indirect speech, the sentence should be:

a. Sarita screamed that eek, there was a fly in the soup. She added waiter.

b. Sarita screamed at the waiter that there was a fly in the soup.

c. Sarita saw a fly in her soup and screamed for the waiter.

d. Sarita saw a fly in the soup and screamed at the waiter.

Which of the above sentences is grammatically most acceptable ? 


You have to catch the train. You must leave immediately. 

Combine the two sentences to make a compound sentence


"Rajan will meet Umesh at the shop in the evening to deliver the message.

" Which 'wh' word should the question begin with to get the underlined word as answer ?


a. Suspend 

b. Soluble 

c. Silly

d. Dominant 

The noun forms of the above words take '-ance', '-ity','-ness', or '-sion' as suffix.

choose the right option:


The word 'well' may be used as : 


The train should arrive any time now.

The underlined modal expresses:


Identify the grammatically correct sentence/s :

a. She leaves for London this evening. 

b. He is having a headache.

c. She has finished her work an hour ago.
d. It has been raining heavily since two hours.


Which of the following sentences may indicate a future event ?  

a. The movie starts in ten minutes.

b. The sample is being sent for detailed examination.

c. You should finish the work before you leave.

d. I meet them at the hotel and we start off.


Measles _________ quite a lot of discomfort. 

Fill in the blank with an acceptable form of the verb given below:


350 runs __________  quite a decent score.

Fill in the blank with an acceptable form of the verb given below:


Which part of the sentence below contains an error ?  


You told us they insisted where we could throw the garbage.

Use punctuation signs so as to get a meaningful sentence.


You are just too fast. I cannot stay along with you.

Choose the appropriate phrase to substitute the underlined words: 

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